How to Advertise Your Hampton Roads Rental Property Successfully

Real estate is, without a doubt, a thriving and profitable market. Apartments have typically drawn investors more than other kinds of assets. This is mainly because of higher cap rates in other markets.

Due to competition, property owners must understand how to advertise their properties to stay ahead of the Hampton Roads market.

Here are some hints put together by the team at Rent Easy to make this process easier for you:

Use Quality Photos for Property Advertisements

Advertising for rental properties benefits greatly from photos. Landlords need professional pictures in order to provide a good impression since they are the first thing a potential tenant sees.

The attraction of your house is increased by high-quality images, whether you publish online or in a local newspaper. You will want to highlight any new renovations in particular. With little effort, social media is an excellent way to get a wide range of people to notice your property.

Additionally, images are what will distinguish your rental offering from nearby rivals. As a result, there is a higher likelihood that the apartment will be rented sooner. Given that unoccupied time costs you money, any effort to reduce it is worthwhile.

Consider Advertising Through Signage

One of the best ways to fill vacancies, especially in highly sought-after locations, is to have signs on-site that show there are rentals available within a property. Place signs in front of your buildings so potential tenants who drive by will notice your property.


Include all pertinent information, such as your name, phone number, email address, monthly rent, amount of bedrooms, etc.

If possible, post multiple signs in the yard, each with a separate message and details. Instead of simply disregarding the sign as they walk by, this will get their attention and direct it to your property.

Organize an Open House

For both landlords and prospective tenants, holding a rental open house can have various benefits. Instead of solely viewing the property through images, it enables potential tenants to inspect your property and get a better idea of the area if they visit it in person.

An open house is also an excellent opportunity to get a sense of the type of tenants that your property attracts as well. During this time, you can assess these potential tenants and establish good communication with them.

If you own multiple properties, you can advertise them all at once by holding an open house at one of them.

Understand the Different Demographics of Renters in the Market

Your target market's demographics will allow you to understand whom you should market to. You must modify your strategy depending on the type of renter you want to draw as different facilities appeal to different tenants.

Make sure your advertising efforts are in tandem with the interests, habits, and demands of the demographic you want to lease your home to.


If you're marketing to elders, mention amenities like elevators seen in some high-end residences. People need to trust the individual they are renting from, and that they will provide them with their rental needs. Knowing what people want will help you promote successfully and effectively.

Make Use of Social Media Forums

Social media marketing to advertise your property will increase traffic and speed up lead generation. Anyone can post a rental property, but it takes a well-thought-out plan to guarantee that many people notice the listing.

Additionally, just having a rental property listed does not guarantee that there won't be any vacancies there. Your listings must be viewed and interacted with by users.

Once your social media platforms are operational, you might want to think about running paid adverts. Promoting on social media or offering your rental property on several websites is fantastic. However, the best course of action is to follow up with excellent communication.

Once you receive quality leads from your posts, be sure to get in touch with them to see if they want to schedule a showing of your property.

Use Word of Mouth

The low cost of word-of-mouth advertising is one of its most significant advantages. Compared to paid media, word-of-mouth marketing is five times more effective at generating sales. The reputation of you and your properties depends on word of mouth.


Due to the prevalence of review websites and social media, tenants may now look up your ratings instantly. Therefore, it is essential for landlords to carefully and effectively manage their online portfolios and properties, including advertising, property compliance, and tenant evaluations.

Use Detailed Property Listings

The first step to being a successful landlord is to write an effective apartment, condo, townhouse, or home rental advertisement. Your listing can potentially waste your time, add to your workload, or it can bring in the ideal tenant for your rental property at the lowest possible cost.

Think about eliminating anything that can deter your ideal tenants. Some examples are safety, convenience, comfort, lifestyle, and a few luxuries that attest to it. Tenants believe that your unoccupied unit is their ideal apartment or condominium based on how you present yourself, the language you choose, and how you convey your selling proposal.


The best way to fill a rental property with trustworthy tenants and avoid wasting money on unproductive marketing strategies is to know how best to advertise it.

Analyzing your target market and recognizing the benefits your rental properties provide will help you focus your marketing efforts on the right demographics, generate a significant amount of passive income, and extend the life of your investments.

You have access to our experienced team when you choose Rent Easy as your Hampton Roads property management company. Our aim is to guarantee that your real estate properties are operating at their best. If you have any questions on how to market your Hampton Roads rental, give us a call!

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