Best Areas to Invest in Chesapeake

Contemplating on investing in Chesapeake? Don’t worry if you are new to the area! The experienced team at Rent Easy is ready to guide your entry into the real estate property market and cover the best neighborhoods in Chesapeake this area has to offer.

Bar the 2007 housing crisis, Chesapeake city has been enjoying a thriving economy. With excellent universities, an abundance of tourist activities and near the state capital, housing options, such as single family homes and affordable apartments in various neighborhoods, are in high demand. Property owners have been enjoying appreciation in home values in the city over the past few years. And judging by the conditions, this is bound to continue for a while.

The team of property managers at RentEasy have written up a handy guide to help you target the best neighborhoods in Chesapeake for your property investments. RentEasy is the leading real estate and property management company in the area. For any additional questions, consider contacting us to find out how we can help you make the perfect investment for your financial goals!
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Why Invest in Chesapeake VA?

The State has also gone to great lengths to improve and maintain the business environment. With lower taxes and other incentives, it is cheaper to do business in the State and this lures in companies and increases the chances of start-ups cropping up in the city.

One of the advantages of Chesapeake is the variety that it offers to investors. Investors can choose to invest in various neighborhoods, ranging from close to the beach or a property located near the mountains. With the miles and miles of rivers and waterways, an investor can also choose a property that captures the beauty of Virginia.

With its strong economy, proximity to DC and beautiful, natural attractions, it makes sense to sink some funds in Chesapeake. The next biggest question is: where?

The Best Neighborhoods in Chesapeake VA

Rent Easy offers its localized knowledge on the best neighborhoods to invest in Chesapeake. If any tickle your fancy, don’t hesitate to call and request for further information. We can also organize a pre-visit of Chesapeake neighborhoods as well as some property inspections.

Deep Creek

If you want to offer your tenants a taste of Chesapeake suburbia, then this one of the best neighborhoods in Chesapeake to target. Chesapeake is characterized by as an area with acres of forests and farmlands. A neighborhood such as Deep Creek offers a touch of that with a more urban and modernized look.

This Chesapeake suburb is mostly developed to the north. Most of the south is still undeveloped and covered with tracts of forests and wetlands. The Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge and Deep Creek park are attractions for families and residents over the weekends.

The Deep Creek neighborhood is located along the Elizabeth River. Investors targeting this area's properties might have to part with a little more than for other properties in this list. But for the quality of life that the neighborhood offers, the price is worth it.
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This is one of the new Chesapeake VA neighborhoods. The housing options available in Riverwalk are mainly condos and planned homes. They are some of the most desirable properties in Chesapeake, with plenty of amenities in the area, and as a result, vacant units are a rarity.

As the name suggests, there is a river in this neighborhood. Actually, several homes are located on the river or offer a breathtaking view of the waterfront. The stunning views and soothing sound of the flowing river might just tempt you to move in instead of waiting for a tenant.

Great Bridge

In a city, there is always that ‘late bloomer’ neighborhood that was a small crossroads town some decades back but now is the talk of town. Great Bridge is that neighborhood in Chesapeake. The area experience significant growth in the late ‘90s.

If you target demographic is young families, Great Bridge is the place to sink your funds. It mostly contains townhouses, single family homes and medium to large size houses. While there are some new houses in the neighborhood, there are some which are as old as 30 years. The developments in Great Bridge, however, are still strong and sturdy.

If you are worried about the condition of your potential investment in Great Bridge, Rent Easy can advise on how to go about it. Just give us a call.

Western Branch

This Chesapeake neighborhood is the northernmost option in this list. With the outlier of the intersection of Portsmouth Boulevard and Taylor Road, most of Western Branch is residential. The area has a plethora of options to choose from.

The cost of housing options in Western Branch is quite affordable and the demand for housing is good, as there are some great amenities in the area for residents to enjoy. It is a recommended option for the youngest investors in Chesapeake.


Now that that’s done, let’s move to the southern part of the city, specifically to Hickory. The neighborhood is located next to the Virginia-North Carolina border. The local schools, particularly Hickory High School, are top-rated and in demand with local families.

Hickory shares the same rural landscape as Deep Creek. The housing options here are surrounded by forest and farmland. The options available here are medium to large sized options with 4+ bedrooms. It is considered a wealthy Chesapeake suburban neighborhood. Investors interested in Hickory might have to look deeper into their pockets.


In the middle of Chesapeake, we have the Greenbrier neighborhood. It is one of the best neighborhoods in Chesapeake due to its prime location in the city. The neighborhood’s location also offers its residents easy and fast access to Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Suffolk and Portsmouth.
Best Neighborhoods Chesapeake

Final Thoughts

Chesapeake has been experiencing an increase in population over the years. This is thanks to the thriving job market in finance, healthcare and the boating industry. The Hamptons Roads region is home to a number of public and private universities. This is yet another demographic that investors can choose to invest in.

Whether you are a local or out of town investor, you are going to need an experienced property consultant by your side. Look no further than RentEasy!

The location of your potential property is the key to the viability of your investment. Contact RentEasy with your investment goals and financial information. Our team will help you locate the ideal neighborhood. We are the premier property consultancy company you can trust and rely on.

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