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Are you a looking to hire a Chesapeake property management service?

If you are, then look no further than RentEasy!

RentEasy is a Chesapeake property management company in Virginia and established by an owner with a decade of solid experience in the real estate industry. Countless property owners in the Hampton Roads area have trusted our real estate management services to take care of their real estate investment properties.

We are a professional and dedicated Chesapeake property management company specializing in managing single-family homes, multi-family homes and apartments. We are very hands-on and offer customized real estate and Chesapeake property management services.

Property owners are assured, as a locally owned and operated property management firm who understands the market. Our free structure is reasonable and our Chesapeake property management service keeps your real estate in good hands.

When you hire us as your Chesapeake property management company to safeguard your investment. You’ll be freed from the stress of continuous property marketing, tenant screening, rent collection and paperwork.

Our goal is to make Chesapeake property management available to every self-managing property owner. If you’re looking to turn over the reins of your Chesapeake investment property at a cost-effective rate, then contact RentEasy!

We’ll be happy to discuss our excellent Chesapeake property services with you. Call us at 757-347-8952 or email us at adrake@renteasyva.com. We also offer a free rental analysis when you sign up for our Chesapeake property management packages!

Chesapeake Property Management Services

RentEasy’s property management value proposition to our clients is our distinct Chesapeake property management pricing structure. At a flat property management fee, customers can enjoy a full range of real estate management services. We’ll market your vacant Chesapeake property, find high quality renters, take care of rent collection, manage repairs and maintenance and handle financial recordkeeping.

We offer an optional real estate maintenance plan as part of our fee structure, and a penalty-free cancellation for all our Chesapeake property management packages. We also provide a Tenant Assurance and Damage Assurance Guarantees for free. Account set up is also free. Our brand of property management makes it incredibly easy and budget-friendly for self-managing landlords.
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To start, here are the Chesapeake property management services you’ll enjoy when working with us:

1. Marketing of Your Rental Property

Our chesapeake property management services include the marketing of your Chesapeake property. We aim to reduce property vacancy at 100%. Spending on maintenance expenses month after month with zero occupants is something we actively avoid in all our locations. Our property managers perform targeted marketing using effective marketing techniques. We maximize both online and offline opportunities as part of our property management services.

RentEasy's Chesapeake property management team are dedicated marketers crafting the best real estate property listings to entice potential tenants. With the aid of advanced technology, we’re able to gather and manage a pool of prospects that we’ll subject to meticulous tenant screening.

2. Tenant Screening Process

Finding promising tenants for your Chesapeake property is only half the battle when it comes to property management. Our property managers filter them so only the best type of tenants are picked to live in your real estate rental property. We check for rental history, financial and employment records, credit history and eviction cases. Only tenants who can match our set of criteria can be allowed to become renters.

RentEasy is focused on selecting renters who are responsible, pays rent promptly and will avoid causing any disturbance. We also make sure to respect the protected classes under the Fair Housing Act as we carry out our tenant screening procedure.

3. Rent Collection

Owning properties that produce steady returns is the goal of owning an investment property. For your Chesapeake property, we make it our mission to transfer your rent payments to you on-time, month after month.

For RentEasy, rent collection is a priority for all of our properties. Our property management company provides various ways for tenants to pay with convenience. Late payments will be monitored and handled as needed. If notices need to be served, we’ll be on it! We make it stress-free for you to receive your rental income with our Chespeake property management.

4. Property Repairs & Maintenance

All real estate properties need regular maintenance and repair, and your Chesapeake property is no exception. As part of our Chesapeake property management experience, we have carefully chosen licensed contractors with strong reputations in their given fields. As part of our real estate services, we have an in-house property maintenance team that you can choose to take advantage of when you hire us for your property management needs. We're able to handle all property maintenance, from simple tasks to late-night emergencies as part of our Chesapeake property management packages.

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RentEasy knows the value of maintaining rental properties so they continue to remain attractive over time. That’s why we conduct periodic property inspections for our property management clients. We also understand how stressful moving is, so we check prior to a tenant’s move-in and during tenant move-out.

We carefully assess the real estate property’s curb appeal, as well as interior and exterior areas. We strive to always remain on top of things and keep the current renters loyal, which we achieve by maintaining a habitable, attractive proprety.

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

If your Chesapeake property is only one of the many real estate assets you own, it can be challenging to stay updated and organized. Even if it's your only Virginia real estate investment proprety, the stress can be overwhelming come tax season.

Having a Chesapeake property manager like RentEasy will make it easier for you to keep track of your business. As part of our extensive property management packages, we'll provide you access to an Owner's Portal, where you can view your financial reports online at any time.

Expenses, receipts, profits and loss reports are easy to view with the property management system we use. You’ll never lament over a lost business document or fail to find an important receipt. Everything will have a digital footprint and copy, thanks to our Chesapeake property management!

About Chesapeake, Virginia

Chesapeake is an established independent city and known as the one of the most populous locations in Virginia. In 2011, Bloomberg Newsweek has also named Chesapeake as the 21st best city in the U.S. Similarly, Money Magazine also ranked Chesapeake as the 6th most livable city in the country.

What makes residents appreciate living in Chesapeake are its abundance of nature, finely rated schools and a high quality living. Diversity is present, as well as a general sense of safety. Properties in these communities are welcoming and supportive. Amenities are also designed to be kid-friendly, making it the perfect place for families to raise their kids. People also value the historical attractions, local festivals and surrounding parks and beaches.

Here are interesting locations to see in Chesapeake, Virginia:

  1. Chesapeake City Park
  2. Chesapeake African American Heritage Trail
  3. Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge
  4. Chesapeake Arboretum
  5. Northwest River Park
  6. Battlefield Park
  7. Chesapeake Planetarium
  8. Fun Forest
  9. Great Bridge Lock Park
  10. Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

Source: Wikipedia.

Areas We Serve

We actively provide property management service to properties the areas of Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, and Portsmouth.