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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Hampton, VA?

If you are then check out RentEasy!

Founded in Chesapeake, Virginia, RentEasy is a reputable and committed property management company combining affordability and superb, individualized customer service. We take care of a high number of investment properties located in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Norfolk and Hampton.

Our mission is to help property owners extract the most value in terms of property management and build them stable returns. We offer flexibility and avoid locking in property owners since customer satisfaction is our prime goal. Working with us, you won’t have to get stressed over property vacancies and bad quality tenants. We use our marketing network and long-term experience to create a beneficial experience for our customers. Keeping expenses down while growing your income is every property owner’s goal. We connect with you in that objective!

If you’re looking for a property manager that will take care of your investment property, tenants and investments, call us now! RentEasy can be contacted at 757-347-8952. You can also email us at adrake@renteasyva.com. For a free rental analysis, reach out to us.

Our Property Management Services

If you’re a self-managing landlord, you’ll be splitting your time between property management and maintenance, rolling out marketing strategies to attract prospects and screening interested parties. Partnering with us however, you get professional real estate management without the stiff fees. You also regain your time at a lower cost.

Backed by our strong experience and skills in the property management industry, your rental property will be in expert hands. Enjoy the following property management benefits when you let us handle your rental investments:

Focused Marketing of Your Hampton Property

While marketing has expanded in terms of marketing vehicles, it also means more competition. Do you have the vast network to get your Hampton rentals occupied as fast as you can? As a seasoned property manager with real marketing experience, we know what works and what will attract prospects.

Through years of property management, we've gained valuable insight into the market. We use our hard-earned knowledge for your business to succeed. Using enhanced technology, our abundant resources and industry expertise, vacancies will be halted. We’d rather our property owners spend on home improvements rather than empty rentals.

Extensive Tenant Screening Process

We understand why it’s critical to find a responsible set of tenants who pay on time and follow the policies set in rental agreements. Having quality tenants in your properties allieviates many of the issues landlords may run into, from rent collection to property maintenance. This is why we conduct a thorough tenant screening process as your property manager.

Among the things we evaluate during our tenant screening is financial responsibility. This means that the tenant has the capability and the willingness to pay the rent on the due date. Since your ROI will depend on the consistency of rent payments, we look at a prospect’s rental and credit history.

Moreover, we legally protect our clients by being compliant to the Fair Housing Act. We avoid discriminating based on a prospect’s religion, race, color, disability, national origin, sex and familial status. We practice equal housing opportunity.

Convenient Rent Collection

This is an essential part of property management, so effective payment collection is a must. This lies in providing plenty of options for tenants and owners alike. For the tenants of your Hampton rental, we create an environment where the renters understand their responsibility to pay rent on time. Our leasing agreement will cover this area extensively from sending notices, collecting penalties and outlining grace periods.

RentEasy also has multiple available payment channels that renters can select from. If they prefer an online transfer method, we provide that. Our clients can also directly check at their owner’s portals to find a record of payments for easy tracking.

Efficient Property Repairs & Preventive Maintenance

Our property management suite includes a proactive maintenance plan for your Hampton property. This will reduce burgeoning repair expenses in the future. For example, a simply checking caulk and grout periodically will inform us of potential water damage. Little things like this are important and routine for us.
RentEasy property management VA conducts regular maintenance on your Hampton VA rental property
If repairs need to be performed, you can trust that your rental will only be fixed under professional contractors. We want to save time and avoid repeating repair jobs. So it’s vital that the work is done right at the first touch. For minor repairs, RentEasy offers an in-house team service.

Your Hampton property will also enjoy scheduled routine inspections. We examine your HVAC systems, test your smoke alarms and check the debris on your gutters and downspouts. Our customers enjoy the rewards of a well-maintained rental that will continue to attract prospects over time.

Detailed Financial Reporting

Keeping track of the performance of your Hampton investment property will be a breeze with our online reporting. Having access to an owner’s portal allows you to open the system and note the expenses and profit generated every month. Your financial files are on-hand anytime you want to check how your rental business is doing.

Having an organized financial reporting system also makes it easy to file your taxes. RentEasy is readily available if you need more business information.

About Hampton, Virginia

Hampton is a city that’s part of the Commonwealth of Virginia. It has an estimate of 134,000 residents in 2019. Blessed with a rich history, Hampton offers charming museums, art spaces and an entertainment arena promoting popular music culture. The city also boasts of a Hampton Public Library dating back to 1926.

Residents enjoy living in Hampton for its proximity to Virginia Beach. They appreciate that local businesses are heavily supported from cake shops to bookstores. Hampton also scores high in diversity. It’s a great fit for families for its good schools, warm community and family friendly venues. Parks, museums, restaurants and tourist attractions are plentiful in Hampton making it an ideal place to stay for the long-term.
Hampton VA rental properties
Here are interesting places to see in Hampton, Virginia:

  1. Hampton History Museum
  2. Virginia Air and Space Center
  3. Buckroe Beach
  4. Hampton Coliseum
  5. Hampton University Museum
  6. Fort Monroe
  7. Casemate Museum
  8. Hampton Carousel
  9. Paradise Ocean Club
  10. Grandview Nature Preserve

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

In addition to Hampton, we actively offer property management for the areas of Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, and Suffolk.

If you own an investment property (or investment properties) in any of these areas and need professional property management, get in touch today!