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Are you a property owner looking for Norfolk VA rental property management services that provide exceptional results? If you are, look no further than RentEasy.

We are a Virginia property management team that can help you fill your vacancies quickly, ensure consistent rental income, take care of your properties through regular inspections, and even get problem residents out of your unit.

Our property management Norfolk VA team is dedicated to helping you realize your property investment goals through minimizing expenses, legal compliance and increasing your ROI.

If you have managed an investment property before, then you probably understand how frustrating and time-consuming property management can be to manage everything from rent to marketing.

Whether you’re looking for an experienced property manager because you're new to being a landlord or simply don’t have time to juggle all the responsibilities, RentEasy can help with our services!

Get in touch with our team of property managers today and experience the peace of mind rental property owners and investors have been searching for! You can reach us by either dialing 757-347-8952 or sending us an email at adrake@renteasyva.com.

Our Property Management Services

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In our effort to be the premier investment property management business in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia, our team is committed to being honest, transparent, and we value long-term professional relationships with our clients. Many property owners are choosing us over the competition because of the ethics we stand for and our comprehensive services.

RentEasy's property management service has no long-term contracts and no account set-up fees. In addition, our team charges a fixed management fee for our services, unlike most of the property management industry and our real estate competitors who charge percentage-based fees.

The following are some of our Norfolk and Virginia Beach VA property management services you can expect when you hire us as the property manager of your rental properties:

Property Maintenance

For all property maintenance requests regarding your rental address, we work with professional contractors that are reliable, experienced and provide good rates. Furthermore, regularly maintaining our property management clients’ rentals have numerous benefits via property inspections. For one, properly maintained properties attract the right caliber of renter for your rental; secondly, it helps keep our clients’ rentals in adherence with Virginia habitability standards.

Thirdly, regular maintenance helps mitigate costly repairs, as problems or repairs with your rentals can be identified before they become larger.

Property Advertisement

RentEasy's real estate property management services can also help you in regard to finding desirable tenants to fill your vacant real estate property. That’s because we understand that, for most landlords, finding a good tenant is the biggest challenge of all.

At RentEasy, we are experts when it comes to helping you find high-quality tenants to fill your vacant units quickly.

Our property marketing process is usually a three-step method. First, we make sure the property we are advertising is rent-ready. Secondly, we create an attractive rental ad that highlights the best features of your property. And finally, we begin the actual marketing process for all our properties.

From traditional marketing methods like yard signs and running newspaper ads to conventional tactics like social media promotion and posting on top rental listing sites, our goal is to make sure your vacant rental properties get in front of as many prospects as possible.

Tenant Screening

virginia tenant screening service

If you have been a landlord before, then you understand the value of renting to high-caliber tenants. Good tenants rarely miss their rent payments, care for the property like their own, notify when maintenance issues come up, and renew the leases on their properties at least once.

At RentEasy, these are the kinds of tenants we aim to get you! Renting to such tenants helps us not only minimize vacancies, but also minimize expenses and maximize rental income.

Finding such tenants is not easy. It requires experience and specialized knowledge on how to screen applicants effectively.

Our screening process is thorough and fair. It basically helps us sift the good applicants from the bad. Some of the key things we look for when screening tenants include but are not limited to:

• How much income they make per month.
• If they've been evicted before.
• If their current landlord knows that they are looking for another place to live.
• Their criminal record, if any.
• Their credit rating.
• Their rental history.

Evaluating such factors helps us narrow down to the best possible tenant.

Rent Collection

Working with a property manager like RentEasy can also help you in regard to rent collection. As you probably know, late or missed rent payments mean trouble for your bottom line.

When you hire us, we’ll make sure you receive your rent payments on-time, every time. Our rent collection methods are highly effective and geared toward making your cashflow consistent month-in, month-out.

What’s more, we are strict when it comes to enforcing the terms of the lease agreement regarding rent payments. All our property management actions are based on the lease agreement and Virginia landlord-tenant laws.

Financial Reporting

financial reporting for norfolk rental property
At RentEasy, we pride ourselves on being an honest and transparent Virginia property management company. We will make sure you always stay in-the-know regarding the financial health of your rental property as part of our property management service.

That's why, when you hire us, you’ll have access to an online portal where you’ll be able to view all financial reports easily and conveniently.

About Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk is an independent city in the commonwealth of Virginia. The city is estimated to have a population of about 242,234 people, as per the recent census estimates. With this population, it ranks as the 3rd largest city in the state of Virginia.

The city of Norfolk is home to the world’s largest naval base and the North American Headquarters for NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

Norfolk is also known for its culture, tradition, entertainment, and art. From museums in the Historic Ghent to the Neon District, Norfolk and Virginia Beach is a great place to live, work and play.

Areas We Serve

In addition to Norfolk and Virginia Beach, we also provide property management services to Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, and Portsmouth.