Do you own a rental property in Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, or Suffolk? Are you looking to hire a professional property management company? If so, RentEasy has you covered.

We are a full-service property management company and can help you market your property, find a suitable tenant, maintain it to proper standards, deal with tenant issues, and handle all the legal aspects of owning a rental property.

RentEasy has plenty of experience managing properties in Chesapeake and the surrounding areas. RentEasy has been able to help many property owners minimize their expenses and maximize their profits. We can help you achieve the same!

RentEasy specializes in managing single-family homes, multi-family homes, and apartments. No matter what the size of your investment portfolio is, rest assured we can help with its management.

We service the areas of Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, and Hampton. If you own an investment property in any of these areas, please give us a call immediately. We’ll be more than happy to have you experience our superior services, as well deliver a free rental analysis!

If you are ready to take your real estate investment to a whole new level, give us a call today. You can reach us by calling 757-347-8952 or click here to send us an email. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about any of our services.

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Our Property Management Services

If you’re tired of chasing rent, marketing your property, or maintaining it, RentEasy is the right partner for you. We understand what works and what doesn’t in regards to property management. When you hire us, RentEasy will treat your property as our own and we’ll provide you with the following services:

1. Efficient Rent Collection

At RentEasy, we have strategies to ensure our clients get paid when they should. It goes without saying that consistent rent payments are key to having a successful rental investment. RentEasy sends owner payments on or around the 10th of each month, depending on business banking days and when the tenant pays rent.

Missed or late rent payments will only derail your goal of maximizing your rental income. At RentEasy we understand this!

That’s why, besides thoroughly screening tenants, we also ensure your lease agreement is detailed in regards to rent-related lease terms. This includes when the rent is due, the amount due, the grace period, acceptable payment methods, and any late fees.

We also make a point of providing tenants with convenient rent payment options and their own tenant portal to make online payments and maintenance requests.

2. Effective Rental Marketing

A vacant rental unit is every Hampton Roads landlord’s worst nightmare. Every day that your property sits empty is lost income. At RentEasy, we understand this! That’s why we employ a variety of marketing tactics to ensure you achieve your objective.

When promoting your rental, we’ll use marketing tactics that will ensure your rental gets targeted attention as quickly as possible. Using highly advanced technology, syndication software, local mls, and multiple rental listing sites, we’ll fill your vacancies as fast as possible.

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We also don’t just rent to any tenant that comes looking for a place to live. We only rent to prospective tenants that have passed our rigorous screening process and we guarantee our tenants will comply with lease terms for the first 10 months or they will be replaced for free*.

*(Conditions apply and will be explained by the leasing agent and noted in all documents. Guarantee only applies to tenants placed by RentEasy and when RentEasy is the active property manager.)

When all is said and done, we will find you tenants that will pay rent on time, care for the property like their own, notify you of maintenance issues the moment they happen, and renew their lease agreements on your approval.

3. Thorough Tenant Screening

We have all heard of bad tenants. The type, for instance, that causes a lot of property damage. This is the caliber of tenants that our screening process looks to keep out of your rental property. We review the following points in each prospective tenant’s rental application:

  • Their creditworthiness. We not only look at their credit history, but we also look at their current debt to gauge their suitability to rent our properties.
  • Their background. Looking at a prospective tenant’s past also helps us learn whether they have ever been sued or evicted before.
  • The tenant’s rental history. We’ll contact their previous landlords to know whether they pay rent on time, take care of the property, disrupt other neighbors, and more.
  • The tenant’s employment status. We also contact the tenant’s employer to verify that their income source is steady and reliable.

This screening system allows us to greatly minimize our chances of renting to a potential problem tenant. Our screening process is fair and adheres to the Fair Housing laws. We treat all our tenants fairly and do not discriminate on the basis of color, race, religion, national origin, sex, disability, and/or familial status.

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4. On-Time Repairs & Maintenance

RentEasy will work to ensure that your property’s value is protected through on-time repairs and maintenance. We have an on-call team of in house maintenance staff and third party vendors that help us in this regard. As your property manager, we’ll also inspect your property as noted in the property management agreement to ensure it remains in great condition.

Additionally, we’ll respond to tenant maintenance requests as quickly as possible. We usually respond to emergency issues within 24 hours of receiving the requests, and within a few days for non-emergency requests. We work together with you as the owner of the property to come up with the best economic and quality solution.

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

Hiring us also means getting detailed financial reports regarding how your property is performing financially and in other aspects. You’ll be able to access these reports conveniently anywhere and at any time.

At RentEasy, our goal is to provide a family feel service, great prices, and superior customer service. Call us today 757-347-8952 or submit your information for a free rental analysis.