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As a property management Suffolk VA company, our hard-working team of dedicated property managers can proudly say that we are a high-rated Virginia real estate management company. Your real estate investment aims are met by optimizing expenses and boosting your ROI.

Do you have prior experience managing an investment property in the Suffolk, VA area? If yes, you may already know how stressful and time-consuming the associated responsibilities can be for property owners.

We offer services to property owners who don't have the time for full-time landlord tasks or if they are new to Suffolk property management.

If you are interested in how we can help you, contact RentEasy today! As a property owner, you will have the ability to focus on other things important to you while we grow your rental investment.

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Our Suffolk, Virginia Property Management Services

As a top Suffolk property management business, we use our knowledge and experience to create services that fulfil clients' needs. Our team is committed to getting the best return for your real estate investment.

Here are some of the Suffolk property management services that we offer to our clients:

1. Regular Upkeep and Repairs

We know that you want to preserve the value of your real estate investment. To achieve this, Suffolk property management involves conducting regular repairs and maintenance. The right care and attention may even grow your properties' worth.

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We have an extensive network of established partners. They are reliable contractors and vendors who deliver outstanding results in every area. As a client of our Suffolk property management services, your Virginia rental will benefit from these professional relationships.

Giving quick responses to emergency repair and maintenance requests is our priority. Paying close attention to your renters' needs increases overall tenant satisfaction while decreasing the turnover rate.

2. Stress-Free Rent Collection

Rent collection is often regarded as something that can be quickly taken care of. However, the reality is different. Many landlords agree that it can become a stressful burden.

Using our Suffolk property management means that you will receive on-time rent for your Suffolk Virginia rental property. One of our main goals is to ensure that you have a sustainable stream of rental income. Putting a solid rent collection system in place ensures that we succeed in this regard.

In Suffolk property management, collection of rent is in the best interest of your tenants, too. Having a convenient online payment solution makes things much easier for your renters every month. Plus, we will check that all of the lease agreements include clauses essential for smooth payments.

3. Comprehensive Tenant Screening

Did you know that a considerable number of landlords in Suffolk property management have dealt with the following issues?

  • Tenants will not vacate the premises after the lease terminates
  • Tenants have damaged some areas of the property beyond repair

The tenant screening process is a practical solution used by a property manager that decreases the risk of having problem tenants in your Suffolk, Virginia rental property. Screening tenants is one of the pillars of successful Suffolk property management for all rental properties.

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We use our years-long experience, success criteria and the latest technologies to ensure that our screening system delivers top results to find qualified tenants. Our goal is to make sure that no high-risk applicants slip through into one of your rental properties within legal compliance.

The efforts that we make during tenant screening have clear results. Rental owners who use our Suffolk property management face fewer instances of property damage and a generally lower tenant turnover rate.

Here are some of the critical areas that our screening procedures cover:

  • Checking the Eviction History
  • Running a Credit Check
  • Learning about Prior Conduct as a Tenant
  • Checking for a Criminal Record
  • Evaluating Income Level
  • Seeking Out Proof of Employment

4. Effective Marketing and Advertising

Vacancies hurt rental property investments. When you have an empty rental property in the Suffolk area, the cash flow turns negative. You receive zero rental income, but you still have to take care of the running expenses.

Filling these empty properties takes work. This is where rental marketing and advertising comes into play. Throughout the years, our Suffolk property management company has experimented with a variety of marketing methods. Now, our property managers know exactly which ones work the best.

Our property managers use these top strategies to quickly fill your vacant units:

  • Using the top rental websites to showcase your property to capture interest
  • Spreading stylish flyers in the potentially high-impact areas
  • Finding the right people on social media by using smart targeting methods
  • Sticking a classic "For Rent" sign in the most visible spot next to your rental

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5. Up-to-Date Financial Records

Having enough data is important to make sound financial decisions. We know that, as a property owner, you want to regularly check the financial reports. That is why we made it convenient by giving quick access via the owner's portal online. Our Suffolk property management will let you have access to real estate websites that will help you keep track of everything.

You will gain access to all the essential financial documents, including the general ledger and income/expenses sheets. Whenever you need any assistance with claiming deductions, our property management company can help you sort out the documents involved.

About Suffolk, VA

Suffolk is an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The estimated population in the city is around 92,108. It is located in the Hampton Roads Metro Area.

The present-day Suffolk came into being in 1974. The local public school system operates 12 elementary schools, four middle schools and three high schools. The largest employers are Planter's Peanuts, Lipton Tea, Unilever, Target, Lockheed Martin and QVC.

Suffolk's waterfront location makes it a desirable area to live in. The bike trails in the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge provide plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Areas We Serve

In addition to Suffolk, we also provide property management services to Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Portsmouth.