Owner Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to start managing the property?

We will be ready within the first 24 hours after contract is signed by all owners listed on the Tax Records to the property.

How long does it take to find tenants?

Our goal is to find suitable tenants as soon as possible. In order to do this, we use various advertising platforms. Typically, RentEasy can find tenants within about 3 weeks. Condition and price of property weigh heavily on market time. Our Expert leasing agents will work with you to make sure both condition and price are within market standards.

How do the application fees work?

Tenants need to pay the application fee. We use this fee to enable credit checks, background check, rental history checks/verification, and employment/income verification.

What is the process of determining my property's rent?

We'll use practical tools and result-oriented strategies to determine the proper rent. Among other practices, we conduct deep research and market comparisons. All the gathered knowledge allows us to create highly competitive rent prices. Our expert leasing agent will go over all the pertinent information about your specific rental evaluation at one of our free rental consultations.

How do you collect the rent?

We have different payment methods : mail, office delivery, or online payments.

I prefer direct deposits. Is it possible?

Yes, RentEasy uses all the latest technology and make direct deposits to your preferred bank account.

Do you screen tenants?

Yes, we screen all the prospective tenants. The screening process covers a variety of tests. These include criminal history, credit checks, and employment verification. The tests have been chosen to lower the risk of admitting problematic tenants. We are so confident in our tenant screening process we guarantee tenants for the first 10 months of lease tenants will stay in the property, or we replace them for free.
*conditions apply and this is only offered with full service tenant placement and property management.

Can I keep my current insurance?

If the property is newly being converted to a rental you will want to check with your insurance provider to see if you will need a “ Landlord policy”. Typically homeowner’s insurance is a different insurance that may not cover vacant properties or rentals. All rental properties should have adequate insurance with RentEasy listed as “additional interest”

What does my tenant have to do before the move-in?

First, your tenant needs to successfully get through the screening process. When that goes well, they are obligated to pay the full security deposit. After the security deposit is received we will sign our lease with the tenants. Tenants will then take the signed lease and start to work on utilities being transferred into their name to start as of lease effective date.

How will my tenant be cleared from their lease?

After the tenant gives proper notice and moves out, we inspect the property's condition thoroughly. After move out inspection if there are items that need to be fixed or replaced due to tenant neglect these items will be noted and deducted from the security deposit. If there are no damages or repairs required upon the tenant's move out the security deposit will be sent back to the tenant in full. RentEasy will communicate with the owner during this process to provide updates.

What kind of inspections do you conduct?

Included in tenant placement we provide for 3 inspections. You will receive a move in inspection which is documentation and pictures of interior and exterior of property. A six month of tenancy inspection, and a move out inspection which is again documentation and pictures of both interior and exterior of the property.

How are the utilities organized?

When tenants move into your property, all tenant utilities will be in their name. Different situations can occur with association provided utilities from dues. These utilities will need to be discussed with your leasing agent at time of property management agreement to develop the plan for these utilities.

What if my tenant doesn't pay rent on time?

Our lease agreements contain strict rules about rent payment delays and failures. Tenants have to quickly pay the rent after receiving the notice. Continuing payment default results in eviction.

What's the policy for property damage?

We will repair all damage using our licensed and professional partners. Before the repairs begin, we'll inform you about the details. When we get your permission, we'll begin the work at the earliest moment possible. All maintenance and unexpected repairs are done using high-quality vendors at their best price.

Which reports can I access?

You are able to access a multitude of reports when you use our owner portal. These reports include regular statements for income and expenses.

Is it a good idea to allow smokers?

We forbid smoking in all the rental properties. If we find evidence of smoking, then the tenants have to pay for any relevant damages.

Is it a good idea to allow pets?

Yes! We have found that most tenants have a dog/s or cat/s. It is a good idea to allow pets to reduce market time! If you do not allow pets you are significantly reducing the amount of people who may be interested in renting your property. Included with tenant placement and property management service RentEasy provides a great Pet Damage Assurance product! If there is pet damage above and beyond the security deposit when tenant moves out RentEasy will cover up to $1,000 in damage from pets. Rent Easy will also include an extra inspection for any properties that have pets. Typically, the additional pet damage inspection will occur in month 2 of tenancy.

Are there any start up or account set up fees?

No, there are no start up fees or account set up fees. Upon signing the property management there are no fees due for RentEasy to get started working on your property. Our tenant placement and/or property management fees are due and deducted from the first month’s rent received.

Can RentEasy take over management of my property if there is an existing tenant?

RentEasy will take on properties with a good standing tenant and property that is in good condition for $125 a month. If you have tenants that are behind or a property lacking in maintenance lets discuss to see how we can help and what is all involved.

Is there any cancelation fees if I decide to cancel my property management with RentEasy?

No, RentEasy is sure and confident great customer service will be provided. Should you feel the need to cancel let us know and we will release you from the property management agreement with no cancelation fees due.

Can RentEasy sell my property if I decide I do not want to list for rent?

Yes, RentEasy can sell your property. As licensed real estate agents and a member of the local MLS we can help with purchases or sales. RentEasy specializes in property management, but we also make for great sales agents through our extensive marketing software programs used to quickly rent our properties. RentEasy offers a discounted listing commission of 1.75% of sales price for listing a property for sale. This discounted commission is for new or existing clients that did not come to RentEasy by way of referral from another sales agent.