How It Works:

Step 1 Refer a Client to Us
Step 2 We Get in Touch with Your Referral
Step 3 Earn Your Cash Reward

Our Realtor Referral Program

Are you a realtor? Do you work with rental property owners in Virginia who could benefit from our property management services? If so, refer them to us! At RentEasy, we offer an exceptional realtor referral program. Our team of professional property managers is dedicated to helping property owners maximize their income and minimize any of their rental business stress. Through our professional property management services, we can help your clients realize their full potential.We serve many areas of Virginia including Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Suffolk and Hampton.

Why Work With Us?

1. Earn High Referral Fees

For every client that you refer to us, we’ll pay you! As you send more referrals to RentEasy the value of your referral reward goes up!

Our compensation program is as follows:

  • $150 for the management of properties with current tenants
  • 1-3 referrals $300 per unit
  • 4-7 referrals $400 per unit
  • 8+ referrals $600 per unit

2. You Will Continue to Work with Your Client

You won’t lose your clients! When your clients decide to sell their units, RentEasy will send them right back to you

3. We Will Minimize Your Stress

As a realtor, your work managing rental properties requires a lot of time, patience and liability. This can be stressful.
That’s why RentEasy can handle all those responsibilities for you. In doing so, you’ll only have to focus on one thing – selling properties!

4.We Ensure You Look Amazing

The property owners you refer to us will be extremely satisfied with our property management services!

5.We Maximize Your Client’s ROI

We do our best to minimize property vacancies and maximize rental income.
We also protect the property’s value by conducting regular maintenance and inspections.

Ready to Get Started?

Refer your client by contacting us. Then, once they choose to work with us, you will receive your compensation!