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Self-managing a rental property is challenging and time-consuming. As a property owner, you have many responsibilities such as finding tenants, maintaining your units, crafting lease agreements, screening prospective renters and collecting rent. If you find that all these tasks are too stressful, consider hiring the best property management company.

At RentEasy, one of the areas leading property management companies, we can help you with all your property management needs.

Using our local market expertise and experience in the property management industry, we provide exceptional results for our property management portfolio and specialize in managing residential properties such as apartments, single family homes and large family homes. Our team of dedicated property managers works hard to take your investment to the next level.

So, if you're interested in working with a property manager, then call us at 757-347-8952 or leave your details here and one of our local property managers will contact you. The property management team at Rent Easy are more than happy to be at your service. We are one of the top property management companies in the area and look forward to serving you!

Our Property Management Services

We pride ourselves in providing our services in a transparent and honest way to ensure long-term working relationship with all our clients in the local rental market. Our team of property managers strives to bring value by providing rental property services that keep your renters happy and grow your investment property.

Using our property management services, tailored to your needs, we prove the value in all the properties under our management. Here is how a Virginia Beach property manager can help property owners get the most from their investment:

1. We help advertise your property.

It's never good to have a vacant rental unit because it means no income for your rental business. That's why, at RentEasy, our Virginia Beach property management packages includes a property marketing package to fill it quickly.

Our company marketing strategies are very effective. Your property will get exposed to as many prospective renters as possible. We make the ads appealing in order to attract the right people to your rentals.

Some of the ways we advertise your property include putting up yard signs, running newspaper ads and doing social media promotion. Our Virginia Beach property management packages also includes listing your property on the top of rental listing sites and put it on our own website as well.

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2. We help with the maintenance of your property.

Maintaining your rental properties on a regular basis keeps them in good shape and satisfies your tenants. It also helps moderate the cost of repairs since problems can be identified early.

Property Management in Virginia Beach involves regular maintenance inspections. So, we ensure they are done four times in accordance with the lease terms. This is when:

  1. The tenant is moving in the first time
  2. The seasons change
  3. Driving by the property
  4. The tenant moves out

By working with RentEasy, property owners in Virginia Beach will have a team of experienced and reliable real estate agents their your side to resolve any maintenance requests.

3. We help screen tenants.

One of the most important parts of property management is ensuring that you have the best residentsx living in your properties. Our property management company has the tools, knowledge and the experience to facilitate finding the perfect tenants for your Virginia Beach rental property.

At RentEasy, our tenant screening solution targets quality tenants who pay their rent on time, treat your investment properties well, give notice when an issue arises and renew their lease at least once.

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With such tenants, your rental units will have minimal vacancies and minimal expenses. All this will help maximize your rental income for your rental business.

We screen our potential tenants thoroughly and fairly. The tenant screening process is consistent, objective and follows all the given laws, such as the Fair Housing Law. We run key background checks while screening prospective tenants. Our screening process involves asking a number of questions, including:

  • Do you have a criminal record?
  • Have you ever been evicted before?
  • How much do you earn?
  • Are your current owners aware that you're looking for new places to live?
  • How is your credit rating?

The answers provided will allow us to determine whether they are the right tenant for your investment property.

4. We help with rent collection.

With our property management experience, we know that missed or late payments are problematic. Lucky for you, at RentEasy, we do our best to ensure a consistent cash flow so that you always receive rent payments on time.

Our rent collection methods and accounting services are effective and promote monthly consistent cash flow. As part of our Virginia Beach property management process, we also strictly enforce the terms of the lease.

Not to mention, thanks to our thorough screening process, we rarely encounter rent collection problems. But in the event that we do, you can rest easy knowing that we'll professionally handle the issue in accordance with our lease terms.

5. We provide updated financial records regularly.

A part of successful property management is making sure property owners are kept up to date with your properties financials. So at RentEasy it is important to us that we are providing property management services that are modern and easy to use. So as a property owner working with us, you'll have convenient access to your financial reports via an online portal. This will enable you view all your important documents and files anytime and anywhere.

We'll also offer you guidance on the deductions you can claim and help you organize the documents on those claims.

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About Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach VA is an independent city and suburb situated at the south Eastern coast of Commonwealth Virginia. In 2019, its population was 437,994, making it the most populous city in Virginia. It also ranks as the 44th largest city in the whole nation.

The Virginia Beach area is known as a resort city with miles of beaches and hundreds of restaurants and hotels along its oceanfront. Each year, the city hosts a number of surfing championships, including the North American Sand Soccer Championship as well as the East Coast Surfing Championships.

Additionally, Virginia Beach is also known for its flourishing local dining scene, family friendly attractions, maritime history, and arts and entertainment.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

In addition to Virginia Beach, we also provide property management services to Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Portsmouth.