Can Property Management Companies Handle Evictions?

If you are a property owner who wants to rent, you are no stranger to worst-case scenarios like when the tenant you have accepted turns out to be every landlord’s nightmare. Even if it has never happened to you, you know it’s a possibility and a legitimate concern.

Most landlords accept this aspect of the job as a given. They know that they may eventually have to deal with the unpleasantries of difficult tenants. Landlords need to be available to address minor issues and complaints, whereas major emergencies require them to be on call every time.
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But at some point, problematic tenant relations are no longer manageable, and eviction remains the only option, especially if the tenant is behind on their rent and the situation is beginning to seem desperate.

As much as they want to avoid evictions, landlords are sometimes left with no other choice, especially if they have a problematic, uncooperative tenant who continues to occupy the property free of charge, taking the place of some paying tenant.

Evicting a tenant can be a daunting, stressful, and complex process. Luckily, it does not have to be this way. You can grant your property manager the authority to deal with the eviction in your stead.

The neutral party will save you time and energy, and you will avoid interacting with the tenant. Howell’s AC repair techs offered to explain all the benefits of hiring a property manager to deal with evictions.

Granting Authority

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One of the perks of hiring a property manager is that they can deal with the nasty stuff. All you need to do is sign a contract where you give them the power to act on your behalf. A property manager can handle all necessary procedures and also represent you in the eviction court.

Professional property management companies make it a priority to do everything in their power to avoid evictions. They are diligent and meticulous about the tenant screening process. Also, they vet each potential tenant carefully to ensure that the risk of any problems in the aspect of tenant relations is minimal. The best property management companies usually boast a zero-eviction track record. But if eviction becomes inevitable, they can handle it on your behalf.

It is always better to hire a professional who understands the law and the owner’s rights and let them communicate with the tenant. Having to confront a tenant that has breached an agreement can be an experience you’d like to avoid by all means. That is where a property manager comes to the rescue.

Reasons for Eviction

Every landlord can have their own specific rules for every potential tenant and what happens if they break them. These rules are not set in stone. But in general, your property manager has the authority to initiate an eviction if the tenant fails to pay for the rent in the agreed time or avoids paying for an extended period.

Illegal activities conducted on the property are valid reasons for eviction. Putting other tenants in danger or purposefully destroying property. Breaking any rule determined by the owner, like smoking, having pets, or anything else stated in the agreement, is susceptible to eviction.

Proceeding With the Eviction

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Sometimes the owner has to try and resolve a breached contract by offering solutions to the tenants before eviction. For example, if the problem is the rent, the property manager can count the unpaid amount and determine the period for payment.

The tenant should have the opportunity to remedy misconduct in the property like paying for repairs, cease smoking on the premises, or find a different solution for their pet. In some cases, when the tenant hasn’t signed a lease, the owner is not obliged to provide reasons for eviction, only to give the tenant enough time to move out.

Property Manager’s Help

The easiest and most efficient way to deal with an eviction is to hire a professional who has enough experience and no personal involvement with the tenant. An eviction is a legal process that involves taking several actions.

The owner does not necessarily need to do it themselves. It is better to let a property manager with extensive training, such as the team at RentEasy, deal with all legal issues. That will save your time and energy. Bureaucracy is part of an eviction and involves several paperwork, court appearances, and other chores that lead to a successful outcome. It is much better and faster to hire a company that can take that burden away from the owner.

Lastly, the property manager takes the responsibility to confront the tenant directly. It makes the landlord’s life much easier as they can avoid stressful conversations with tenants who might not be too cooperative.

That is why eviction cases are not cheap but worth every penny. It is much better to hire a pro to complete the process for you than run the risk of losing money from months and months of unpaid rent.

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