Renting to Military Tenants

Military personnel protect the nation, so it should be an honor to lease to these selfless individuals amd have them as tenants. Renting to military tenants has many wonderful advantages as a property landlord because they are provided with special local and state laws when it comes to lease terms given the nature of their jobs.

In this post, we will share the wonderful things they bring to your business when renting to military tenants and families.

Advantages of Renting to Military Families

Depsite the positives of renting to military families the tenant screening must still be a requisite before accepting any tenants application. That being said,
these are some of the common benefits when accepting military personnel as tenants.

1. Stable Income

Military tenants have reliable wages and basic housing allowances. Their military income does not depend on the conditional success of a business or on a private employer who can layoff workers anytime. A stable income means a stable tenant who can make consistent rent payments and you earn a steady monthly returns on your property. 

2. Sense of Responsibility

Given the nature of their work, military tenants are generally very hardworking. These tenants are also tasked with knowing and upholding the law. This means that when service members sign the leasing agreements, they’re very likely to comply with and honor the rules and conditions set in the contract.

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3. Solid Support System

The military creates a strong support network for its service members. If financial hardships occur, service members can easily seek help and lean on several groups or other military families for assistance. Thus, compared to other tenants, military renters are a more dependable set of renters for a landlord's property.

4. Attentive to Cleanliness

Discipline is deeply instilled to service members. Military families are used to inspections and ensuring their uniforms are well pressed and that their work and living spaces and property are kept clean.

As a result, this attention to detail can extend to their property. For landlords, this generally means less stress about maintenance or property damages when renting to service members.

5. Promote Your Property

If military families have a positive experience renting your property, service members can refer you and your units to other military families. They can make use of their expansive supportive network which can generate new reliable tenants. A good recommendation from trusted tenants is the best marketing landlords could ask for!

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)

Being a landlord, you must be familiar with the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act when renting to military tenants. These are laws designed to ease military tenants’ financial burdens. It acts as a rental partnership program while renting to military rentants. Due to their military status, military members are deployed and move more frequently than the average tenant. As such, the SCRA rental partnership program provides military faml¡ilies with the following protections:

  • Foreclosures can’t be performed to military members without issuance of a court order.
  • Vehicle repossessions can’t occur when the deposit was done prior to participating in the military service.
  • Belongings can’t be sold off to make up for overdues unless a court order is issued.
  • Active duty military members also benefit from a reduced 6% interest rate from debts such as credit card payables, car loans, student loans, business loans and mortgage loans. Note that the latter has set conditions.
  • Military members can also take advantage of deferred taxes eliminating penalties.
  • Eviction is also delayed for active military status. Military tenants are given 90 days to pay their rent and settle their security deposit when they apply at the court.
  • Prevents eviction if your rent is less that $4, 089.26 per month for the year of 2021. This number is subject to change every year.
  • Civil proceedings can also be postponed to up to 90-days when on active duty.

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The SCRA protection starts the day someone joins active duty and terminates within 30-90 days after they leave active duty. The SCRA also applies to national guard members, reservists and coast guard members.

One of the most important conditions of the SCRA deals with leasing agreement termination. Active military members are given an option for breaking the lease early with no penalty. As long as a service members is on a minimum of 90 days active duty, they can do so. They just need to provide landlords with a written notice of lease termination and a copy of military orders. They can either hand it in personally to landlords or deliver by mail. 

SCRA Waivers 

In some states, landlords can request military tenants to sign a waiver that can relieve them of the SCRA benefits. It’s helpful to check local Virginia laws before drafting any kind of waiver. So ensure that you comply before handing out a lease to military families. Always be alert to the updates to local laws to prevent any problems.

Waiver of Rights Procedure

Guidelines must be followed when military tenants decide to waive their rights under the SCRA:

  1. A written document is needed to waive the rights
  2. The signing of the waiver must be within and after the period of military service. Otherwise, if the signing was done prior to joining the military, it’s void.

scra laws

It’s essential that the waiver is reviewed by a legal attorney to ensure full understanding of the conditions contained in the waiver.

Bottom Line

A landlord may feel that renting to military tenants and military families can result in income loss however the benefits far outweigh the potential loss. Most savvy landlords, especially landlords who are deployed, prefer to attract military tenants considering the large pool of prospects. This means you don’t have to worry about vacancies and you’ll have more consistent cash for the maintenance expenses of your property.

What’s more, by renting to military personnel and complying with SCRA you’re showing your support to active service men and women who risk their lives for your everyday safety is patriotic. 

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