Staging Your Rental Property for Maximum Impact

Keeping your rental space attractive is one of your main objectives as a landlord. To ensure you gain more potential resident leads, you must show the best parts of your property, and staging the unit is an effective strategy.

Vacant properties can result in no income plus a whole load of issues that can be stressful. That is why landlords must focus on marketing. To make it effective, consider engaging the service of interior designers or home staging professionals.

The lack of furnishing in a vacant rental unit can make it a challenge for potential residents to visualize a comfortable living space. Performing home staging can enliven the space and draw more interest with the best furniture and complementary accessories.

The renters would also be inspired by how the layout was maximized thoughtfully to bring a space to life.

Is Property Staging a Must?

In a market condition where the rental demand is high, residents are unlikely to be picky and will settle on an available unit in the area they are looking to move in. This can save a lot of time and money, but bringing in more effort through professional home staging can make a huge difference.


Properties that were handled by professional home staging experts can appeal to a lot of prospective residents. The rental space can offer warm and delightful surroundings, making property tours a success.

At times, we may not know how to utilize certain parts of a property but with the tasteful eyes of home staging professionals, it will be easy to imagine how spaces can be transformed with simple decoration and stylish furniture.

The goal of staging homes is to capture the interest of top-tier renters, which can lead to collecting a good lease rate.

How to Prepare Your Rental Space for Home Staging

Before the arrival of home staging experts, you can do preparatory work on your property to ensure that it will be rent-ready.

Here are tips for preparing your rental space:

Deep cleaning

A tidy rental property is essential to attract new residents. You must make sure that all signs of occupation by former renters are removed. You can:

  • Prepare cleaning supplies, then tidy up the ceiling and get rid of cobwebs
  • Dust fans and remove the dust from the vents
  • Wipe countertops clean
  • Clean the cabinets from dust and stains
  • Mop the floors
  • Steam clean the carpets

Interior of an unfurnished property with hardwood floors

You must also include tidying the appliances and making the space spotless. All other parts of the property must also be pristine, such as the basement and garage. Once the home is clean, property staging companies can take over.

Fix damaged items

If you notice certain property items that need repairs, then it is best to attend to them before property staging can take place. You can invest in a new carpet, replace cracked tiles, remove the dirt from grout, and check the gutter.

A fresh-looking space can draw in interested residents, even the ones with high standards.

Do simple upgrading

Another way to make your rental unit shine better is by adding a few updates to your property's amenities, such as replacing bathroom and cabinet hardware to make it appear polished. You can also add modern items to make your rental more elegant.

If your investment property is old, you can upgrade with new lighting and materials to inject fresh vibes. Consider coating your property with new paint since it can easily elevate the look of your rental space. Go for a neutral shade to avoid clashing colors.

You can also consider investing in major renovations to add more value to your property. Focus on maximizing the rental space and improving the kitchen and bathroom areas, since this is essential for residents.

Other Effective Tips for Property Staging

Although bringing in fashionable home furnishing can impress new residents, you must also practice control by avoiding the following:

bed with a wooden frame and white sheets next to a night table with a lamp and a small plant on it

  • Window coverings - blinds and heavy draperies can make a space appear smaller and dim the natural light
  • Personal items - staged properties must contain generic items since personal items, like photo frames, artwork, and collections belong to the people who would reside in the unit
  • Clutter - Refrain from using too much busy patterns since it can be a turn-off when too much is happening
  • Overcrowding - be critical with what items to include since too much furniture, no matter how nice, can appear stuffy, especially if your rental unit is small
  • Overusing colors - you must keep a neutral palette to appeal to more renters since we all have our own favorite shades. Make sure that items belong together in terms of color.

Remember to Focus on Curb Appeal

People don’t start appreciating the investment property interiors right away so it is recommended to spare time making the exteriors an eye-catching sight as well.

  • Schedule a power wash
  • Hire a painter to paint the property’s exteriors, such as the mailbox and fence
  • Add modern touches by installing trendy fixtures
  • Hire a landscaper to ensure your yard looks immaculate
  • Get rid of weeds and plant flowers
  • Rake the leaves
  • Empty trash bins
  • Mow the lawn regularly

From the get-go, you aim to impress potential residents by offering a bright and fresh curb appeal.

Bottom Line

Successful property staging can open the doors to high-quality residents and allow you to outshine competitors with similar rental units. Once the marketing is successful, you can proceed to tenant screening to verify the information submitted to you.

If you need a property management company to oversee your staging on top of other services, you can count on us at Rent Easy.

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