How to Attract Long-Term Tenants

One of the best ways to get consistent returns and growth in your rental property is if you have quality long term tenants and keep them happy.

In addition to the rent, there are other benefits from having long-term tenants they pay their rent-on time, maintain the property reasonably, and adhere to the terms of the lease agreement.

We at Rent Easy, the leading property management company in Hampton Roads, would like to share some strategies to help you find quality long term tenants.

Market Your Home

Properly marketing your home is the best way to generate quality leads that may convert to long-term tenants to fill your vacancy.

Start by using quality photos. With a smartphone available, you don’t necessarily need to buy a camera to take high-resolution photos.

Next, write an eye-catching headline and description of your property. Make sure to describe the features that make it stand out of the rest.

How your rental ad is distributed determines the traffic you can generate. Make use of reputable listing websites and social media platforms, as well as signage outside the property.

home marketing

Renovate Your Space

From our experience in the Virginia property industry, tenants tend to renew their lease and stay longer in a modern space. Conducting renovations every few years makes your rental space stand out and more competitive in the neighborhood.

If you are unsure of which part of the apartment space to renovate, check recent listings in the market. After all, the newer rental units with more modern amenities and features are your competition.

As you consider additions and upgrades, don’t forget about curb appeal. Most landlords focus on the interior and forget the role that their exterior plays in the overall appeal of the property.

Screen Your Tenants

The goal of tenant screening is to place high-quality tenants on your rental property. Such a tenant can be relied on to pay their rent on time, maintain the space in good condition, and meet the responsibilities and obligations of the lease contract.

Do you have the tools and resources to carry out a comprehensive tenant screening service on your list of potential renters?

If you’re not sure contact us at Rent Easy, the #1 property management company in Hamptons Road. Tenant screening is a critical part of our property management solution.

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Provide a Quality Service

Having a positive relationship, based on respect, honesty, and a sense of community, is beneficial to both you and your tenant.

Make sure to start your relationship on the right foot on the move-in day. Welcome your new tenants with a gift. It might look like a small gesture, but it shows you care about their wellbeing.

Being a hospitable landlord should also be backed up by your conduct and actions in the long run. You should be ready to answer your tenants’ requests in a timely manner and ensure you communicate openly about property maintenance.

Maintain Your Property

If you have read up on the State’s provisions on the Landlord-tenant relationship, you should know that it is your legal responsibility to ensure that the property is safe, secure, and in a habitable condition.

If you neglect this, you can find yourself in court. In addition, the tenant can choose to withhold the rent or terminate the lease without notice.

If you want reduced turnovers and to enjoy the benefits of investment in real estate, guarantee the condition of your rental property.

Carry out regular inspections to identify any defects on your property early. Also, make sure you have easy access to quality contractors who can perform quality repairs on your property.

While it is your responsibility to maintain the property, the tenant also has obligations they should meet. The rental space should be kept in reasonable condition, and any property defects that are a result of the tenant’s negligence or abuse should be repaired at their cost.

Renters are quite particular when it comes to the condition of the property. If you want to entice and attract long-term tenants, we recommend keeping your property in good condition.

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Bottom Line

Attracting quality long term tenants should be the goal of any landlord. To do so, you must ensure your property is marketed well, is modern and well-maintained by a quality landlord. But this is a full-time job.

Maximize your rental income by contacting the committed and experienced team at Rent Easy.

Our clients spread throughout Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, and many more areas can attest to our dedication and quality of service.

With Rent Easy as your property partner, your tenants are guaranteed of the best quality customer service experience in the State.

Get in touch with us and receive a quote for our property management services.

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